2D Illustration& Digital Painting

I love illustration, there are so many different styles and techniques, which is why there are many different styles on this page. I'm started doing digital painting on a small Wacom Intuos tablet and Photoshop, and took the plunge late last year and upgraded to a Huion Kamvas 13 pro graphic tablet and also played around with a few other pieces of painting software, but have yet to find anything that beats out Photoshop. I am hoping to add a lot more to this section of my portfolio as it really i something I love to do and is where my business sort of came from in the first place in a round about kind of way. Any how, I hope you enjoy the pictures and if you have any questions feel free to drop me a message, all my details ARE HERE, and if you want to see more of my digital painting and vector work check out my Instagram pages at Instagram.com/ajfwebdesign and Instagram.com/stikkzmedia.