3d DesignModelling & Animation

Using industry standard tools I am able to bring your idea to life, letting you visualise your ideas. 3D models can be used to showcase an idea, create a video with multiple camera angles, create CGI effects for film and build an environment, assets and characters for use in the world of video games. There are some examples of my work below and I will be adding more once I receive permission from clients to showcase the work that I have created for them.

Grampian Furnishers Concept Tour - Low Rez

I was asked to create a concept design for a new retail store on behalf of Grampian furnishers. They had a really basic idea of what they were looking for and sketched out the basic idea on a piece of paper, I was then tasked with bringing that idea to life.

Star Wars inspired design & animation

To get some practice in using 3DS Max I turned to the darkside... well I used Star Wars as an inspiration to create models and animate them. It was a fun side project that allowed me to try out different rendering styles, the one below is done using a quicksilver render engine in a sketch book style.

Helga Weiss - A Tale From Terezín

This was a project to make a short animation between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. The subject was based on an exhibition of children's drawings and paintings entitled 'Through Children's Eyes: The Holocaust Paintings from Terezín'

I chose to base my animation on the Diary of Helga Weiss, a very moving account of a young girls experiences of the various concentration and internment camps during the second world war. I would have liked a chance to add some dialog and tidy up the various areas of the animation but the deadline didn't allow.

Mila and Kerr Explore Space

This was a fun wee project as part of the 3D animation unit for the HND Interactive Media course at Moray College UHI.

Music is "On top of the world" by Tim McMorris available at audiojungle.