If you've read the other pages you'll know that I love illustration, vector design and really making some quite nice images. Well I decided in 2014 to teach myself how to get those images on to merchandise and entered the world of sublimation printing using my other website, and the name Stikkz Media to try out some of my products. I produced images styled around the old railway posters of the 1950's with a clean cut modern twist on them and prodceeded to print them onto mugs, keyrings, slate and a whole host of other products, managed to get them into a few local shops and they sold really well. I also started doing bits and pieces for local businesses who saw the potential of advertising their business in a better way than throwing money at flyers which would in turn most likely be thrown in the bin.

Anyway I took a wee break from the printing while I finished off my degree but now I'm back and printing more than ever. You can see some of my designs below, but if there is something that you would specifically like on an item, or if you have any questions feel free to drop me a message, all my details ARE HERE, thanks.