Film/AudioEditing & FX

Using Adobe's Premier Pro, After Effects and Audition I am able to edit audio and video, create special effects and overlays, turn raw footage into DVD's and create content for social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Along with the Adobe suite I also use Autodesk 3DS Max for 3D modelling, allowing for pre-visualisation, 3D story boarding and CGI special effects and enhancements.

I've worked on multiple client projects, creating vignettes and short adverts to promote their businesses via social media.

Around December and January I edit footage to make DVD's for a dance school's annual show and a local nursery nativity, which are then cold on to parents and carers.

As well as client work I've also created short films as part of my degree in Interactive Media while at university, writing scripts, story boarding, budgeting, directing, operating audio and video equipment, editing and promoting. I am currently working on a short story which will hopefully be filmed later this year.

There are some examples of my work below, I will hopefully be able to add more to this portfolio once I have permission from various clients..

Privacy at the touch of a button

Social media campaign videos for Cascade Blinds

Animated Explainer Style Advert

An example of the animation videos AJF Web Design can make for you. Get in touch today and see how AJF Web Design can tell the world your story!

Cascade Blinds

Cascade blinds aspire to more than just offering and supplying the latest and most beautiful window styling solutions available today, they believe in delivering an outstanding customer service from start to finish.

Spend more time...
doing less!

Professional interactive media and graphic design services from AJF Web Design.

Mila explains...

An animated short advert used to promote the services of AJF Web Design on social media.

AJF Takes care of...

Professional interactive media and graphic design services from AJF Web Design.

A breath of fresh air...

A short advert used on social media to promote the services of the one, the only, the amazing AJF Web Design!

Harbour Animation

A 3D model and animation of a harbour created for a client.

Mila and the Quest for the Golden Axe

Some footage taken from the platformer Mila and the Quest dor the Golden Axe. The game is under slow development and looking for a release in late 2018.

World of Blinds by Horizon

An advert created to advertise the opening of World of Blinds in Inverness on the 1st of November 2013

Embassy OFD Advert

A short advert created for Embassy OFD Ltd

World of Blinds

Second video advert created for World of Blinds in Inverness

World of Blinds Christmas Vignette

A vignette made for World of Blinds at Christmas time.

Moray College Projects

With Great Power Comes...

A short film that sees two normal friends who love to play Xbox and watch movies being given super powers after a freak electrical storm....

With Great Power Comes... Part II

A short film that follows a young girl on an epic quest to cheer up her baby brother...

A sequel to 'With Great Power Comes...' in the same way that 'No Retreat, No Surrender 2' was a sequel to 'No Retreat, No Surrender'

Helga Weiss - A Tale From Terezín

This was a project to make a short animation between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. The subject was based on an exhibition of children's drawings and paintings entitled 'Through Children's Eyes: The Holocaust Paintings from Terezín'

I chose to base my animation on the Diary of Helga Weiss, a very moving account of a young girls experiences of the various concentration and internment camps during the second world war. I would have liked a chance to add some dialog and tidy up the various areas of the animation but the deadline didn't allow.

Mila and Kerr Explore Space

3D animation for HND Interactive Media course at Moray College UHI.

All models, animation and editing by Andrew French
Music is "On top of the world" by Tim McMorris available at audiojungle